An Interface For Lifestyle


Favorite Show

Using Social Media as a means to interact with fellow kids where they talk about educational shows and many more

Beauty Display

Children are wonderfully made and maintaining that heavenly made beauty into adulthood requires skin care

Become An Influencer

Your child gets the Opportunity to Advertise for big brands, products, events, and make sales via social media.


Bringing a visual display of art works and creativity at its best to your fingertips


Kids Finesse Magazine

Our magazines are both monthly and annually. Putting our kids in the Spotlight has gotten easier with the advent of social media and modelling agencies, who are ever ready to bring out the potential in children.
Joining child modelling agencies is simple and pain free, making it one of the best decisions you could make for your child and put him or her on a pedestal when young. The benefits of modelling are numerous given the fact it is a career that offers working opportunities with celebrities, top notch brands, businesses etc which are all aimed at showcasing your child's elegance. Of course you want your child to be part of the greatness in modelling.

Lets have Fun!

Come with the family and watch your baby become super stars, We have a fun filled experience for all the families of participating kids.

Royalty Family

Parenting Tips

We are engaging our lovely parents on Modeling and Parenting tips to ensure that you are entertained while your kids get trained.


We have refreshments for our lovely parents and kids at the event, this gestures is fully funded by Mama G Foods.

Show Biz

With every runway event comes ShowBiz, its a glamourous event with so much paparazi and pictures taken. "Pose for the Camera"